Hello and thank you for checking out this page!

We’re looking for a producer to join the RashDash family. Someone who is interested in our values, excited by our work and wants to make theatre/music/art on different scales, in a range of spaces AND BE PART OF A TEAM THAT WORK AND DANCE HARD.

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We have a series of new projects that we want to make happen over the next few years and are looking for someone to be a part of taking these from seedling ideas to production. Up until now we’ve mostly been making theatre but we’re also interested in exploring other art forms. We have a short film in development and are starting to make and perform music outside theatre spaces. 

After 10 years of building RashDash we’re feeling ambitious and we’re looking for a producer who will help us imagine and make the next few years of work. Shows that are deeper, more dangerous and sometimes (but not always) bigger.

We don’t have a set idea of how we want this new role to work - we’re excited about meeting someone we click with and designing it together, to incorporate your ideas and vision too. We’d like to find out together how we best combine your skills and ours, and make joint decisions about how we make the role work around your life and other work commitments.

How we work

We are a group of friends, first and foremost. Finding joy and pleasure in our work are at the centre of what we do. We aim to have flexibility in the company to allow everyone to work in the ways that we need to, both in terms of hours/days and working styles. We think that clarity about everyone’s different needs is essential.


We’re not currently offering a salary on a long term basis, but this is what we’re working towards. This is an offer to meet and if we all want to work together, develop a producer role that we will then fundraise for. We have a £500 fee to cover 5 days work (at our current company rate) during which we would get to know each other by sharing our ideas and values and think practically about how the role could best work for both of us.

This initial phase could be structured in a number of ways - for example it could be a concentrated period of time together or a day a week over the course of 5 weeks.

From this stage we will apply for funding to make the role sustainable with the specific person’s needs in mind. Although £100 p/day is our current company rate we are aiming to raise this with the application we make. 

How we’ll find you

If you’re interested in working with us please get in touch by emailing info@rashdash.co.uk. It would be great to have a sense of your experience so please attach a CV if you have one, or if you don’t, just let us know some projects you’ve worked on that you have enjoyed.

As this is not a full job offer or application process we won’t be holding formal interviews but would love to meet as many people as possible for tea/coffee.

Really looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch by October 12th.

Any questions just ask!

Helen, Abbi, Becky x 

ps if you’ve come to the end of reading this and think it isn’t for you, please do share with someone who may be interested - thanks!