The Darkest Corners

Photo by The Other Richard

‘It’s dark. A woman walks alone on the edge of a city. The city is Leeds. Or Paris. Or maybe it’s Mexico City. She wants to be alone in the night. She wants to dance in the darkest corners’.

RashDash present a powerful show confronting violence against women, performed outdoors on the streets of Leeds. Inspired by the city’s radical, activist history, this cabaret rally features live music, vivid physicality, and stories of resistance from around the world.

The Darkest Corners is a communal celebration, a visceral reclamation of the city, a fearsome and triumphant outcry into the night.

Trigger warning: Contains scenes depicting sexual violence.
Age guidance: 16+
Running time: 75 mins

Made with and for Transform Festival.

A RashDash and Transform co production


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