What we do

Photo by The Other Richard

Photo by The Other Richard

We make art. Mostly we make theatre, but not always. 

We always care about what the project is saying and what it is for. We take it very personally. It is about big Political / Social phenomena, and it is about Us. Increasingly our work is also about culture and theatre and how culture and theatre reflect and affect the world.

We work with music, dance and theatre because we believe this can speak to an audience in the most rich, delicious, complex way.

The performer and performance is always central - the words, the moving, the voice, the rawness, the feelings, the work, the pleasure, the pain. We want to see craft and skill and HARD WORK. We want to see REAL THINGS HAPPEN

We won’t pretend we’re not pretending. 

We want to see things that are private. 

We want to delve into the subconscious. We will play with EXTREMES. We want to be TRANSPORTED.

Our work is about the SENSUAL EXPERIENCE of being a body, as well as the CEREBRAL EXPERIENCE of being a brain. We know things in our toes, our knees, our ribs as well as in our heads.

We are women and we talk, move, write and make as women. That’s important. We are furious and radical and hopeful. That’s important. We are friendly, but scary creatures live under the surface. We want to show you a really good time. All of this might change in a minute. At the moment it’s true.

What we've done

Photo by The Other Richard

Photo by The Other Richard

RashDash was formed by Abbi Greenland and Helen Goalen at The University of Hull in 2009. After making several shows together over the years, Becky Wilkie joined the core team in summer 2017. 

THREE SISTERS (co-production with Royal Exchange Theatre, co-commissioned by The Yard, Tobacco Factory Theatres, The Old Vic, MAYK and Cambridge Junction), THE DARKEST CORNERS (a large scale, outdoor, headphone show for Transform Festival 2017), TWO MAN SHOW (made with Northern Stage and Soho Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe First Winner 2016, Stage Award for Acting Excellence, shortlisted for an Off West End Award), SNOW WHITE & ROSE RED (a Christmas show for Cambridge Junction, 2015 and Battersea Arts Centre, 2017), WE WANT YOU TO WATCH (by RashDash and Alice Birch, National Theatre and UK Tour, 2015), OH, I CAN’T BE BOTHERED (shortlisted for an Off West End Award, Soho Theatre, 2014), THE UGLY SISTERS (shortlisted for the Total Theatre Award for Experimentation and Innovation, Edinburgh Festival, 2012), DARK WOODS DEEP SNOW (a Christmas show written by Chris Thorpe and directed by Lorne Campbell for Northern Stage, 2013) THE FRENZY SET FIRE TO EVERYTHING!!!  (outdoor shows commissioned by Lyric Hammersmith, GDIF, Imagine Watford and Latitude), THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA (a collaboration with Matthew Dunster for The Royal and Derngate, Northampton, 2011), SCARY GORGEOUS (Edinburgh Fringe First Award winner 2011), ANOTHER SOMEONE (Fringe First award winner 2010), and THE HONEYMOON.