Rash Dash

Abbi Greenland

I am a theatre maker, performer and founder member of RashDash.

I make all the shows with Helen. We make work that is challenging and exciting to perform. We make from the inside out, improvising and discovering things by accident.

At the moment we’re making shows that are big and messy and angry? The shows come from our guts and our bones.

I like it when the process is intense and full on. I’m not good at thinking about more than one thing at once. I like to drown in it a bit. I don’t mind that sometimes, sometimes* it makes me quite stressed and miserable. The good bits are worth it. We work our way out of the knots eventually.

I love the company of people we work with. I love having a creative family of talented and lovely people who are all up for collaborating and making. I love having lots of big creative voices in a making room. Sometimes we disagree. I think that’s good.

Helen Goalen

I am a theatre maker, performer and founder member of RashDash.

I love it when we allow our process to be led by impulse and improvisation. I hate over intellectualising. I love to be surprised by what happens in a rehearsal room.

I couldn’t imagine performing in a RashDash show where I wasn’t a breathless, sweaty mess by the end.

I am at my most joyful and most miserable when making a show. It is very rarely a mediocre experience.

I am not easily satisfied. I always want to be better.

I think the people we work with are awesome. I am in awe of all of them.

I think people who see our shows are surprised that we’re quite normal in life.